Lakers take season series vs the Burrards

The 2019 schedule is a strange one for the Lakers. By the midway point, they've have exhausted all three regular season games against two opponents while haven't never played two others. 

The Lakers and Burrards met for the third time on a Tuesday in Burnaby. The season series was tied after both teams had stolen wins in the other's barn. The Lakers hoped to reverse the road team advantage and break the tie at home. 

The first period was all Lakers when it came to scoring. Daryl Veltman scored the only two goals to get the home team through the first twenty minutes with a 2-0 lead.

Rookie Ryland Rees gave the Lakers a 3-0 lead while goaltender Eric Penney kept the Burrards off the scoresheet for more than half the game with their first goal coming at 11:49 in the second period. Rees showed why he went second overall in the 2019 draft when he broke away and scored his second on a fast break. After 40 minutes, the Lakers had reestablished their two goal lead with a score of 4-2.

Captain Dane Stevens dominated the third period with two goals in the first ten minute and another in the final five minutes of play. In between them, Robert Church put up one of his own.

The final score was 8-4 for the Lakers. Final shot count was tied at 49. Penney made 41 saves on the night.

The game's three stars were:

  1. Eric Penney
  2. Dane Stevens
  3. Christian Del Bianco

To see the official gamesheet, go here.

This photo by Garrett James. View an album of his photos from this game here.