Lakers suffer first road loss in Nanaimo

Amid the long weekend ferry traffic, the Lakers made a trip to Nanaimo on Sunday night to face the Nanaimo Timbermen for the first time this season. Burnaby sat atop the WLA standings after playing ten games and Nanaimo, who'd only played eight games to date was in a three-way tie for second in the league, trailing four points behind the Lakers.

The Lakers got off to an early start with goals from Pete McFetridge and Ryland Rees. The lead wouldn't last long as the Timbermen came firing back shortly after. A pause in the scoring would send the teams into first intermission deadlocked at two goals a piece.

The second period was largely dominated by the home team with the Timbermen going on a five goal run that was interrupted only once as Scott Jones netted his only goal of the game. By the time the clock hit 40 minutes, the Lakers were trailing 7-3.

It was approaching the midway point in the final period when they Lakers started to work their way out of the deficit with two goals from Zach Gould and Jared Pozzobon. A final Nanaimo goal at 16:54 would widen the gap that proved impossible to bridge before time ran out.

The final score was 8-5 in the Lakers' first road loss this season.

Shots were 47-45 in Nanaimo's favour. Eric Penney made 39 saves on the night.

To view the official gamesheet, go here.

Next game: in New Westminster on Thursday, July 4th at 7:30pm.