Blanket BC Day!

On July 6th, we are collecting blankets at the door to donate to Blanket BC! This is our second year helping out this amazing organization. Blanket BC Society is a non-profit organization that collects and distributes blankets and warm clothing to shelter programs and families in need. They raise awareness to homelessness, poverty, and social economic issues throughout BC and help with emergency services throughout the world. Since collecting 67 blankets on their first blanket drive, Blanket BC’s Blanketeers have helped collect and distribute over 350,000 blanket so date! Please bring the “warmth from the heart” and any NEW or clean and gently used blankets or socks you may have at home to donate on July 6th.

If you bring a blanket to donate, you will receive 50% off your ticket for the game!

REMINDER: The Jack Crosby Tournament is happening this weekend at Bill Copeland. There is overflow parking behind CG Brown Pool and Bill Copeland.